There was a tenfold increase in Bing app downloads after Microsoft’s AI announcement

There was a tenfold increase in Bing app downloads after Microsoft's AI announcement.

After reports surfaced this week that Microsoft was considering adding ChatGPT-like features to its search engine Bing, the app that goes along with it quickly rose to the top of the App Store’s charts on Wednesday. The Bing app has risen to the No. 12 spot among all free iPhone apps, while Microsoft’s Edge browser has climbed to the No. 3 spot among Utility apps in the U.S. App Store., an app intelligence firm, estimates that the number of downloads of the Bing app around the world has increased by a factor of 10.

This shift suggests there is significant consumer demand for these innovative AI experiences, and that users may be willing to experiment with alternative search engines and browsers to gain access.

This next-generation OpenAI large language model was first unveiled in Microsoft’s new, which was unveiled on Tuesday. With the new update, users can have a ChatGPT-like experience right within the search engine itself for assistance with more complex queries and for assistance with certain content creation tasks, such as writing a LinkedIn post. Microsoft also showcased an updated version of its Edge browser, which includes the same AI features integrated into the browser’s sidebar for quick access.

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Although Bing’s updated version is now available, for the time being it is only available to a select few in a preview mode. Users who are interested in testing out the latest AI enhancements must first sign up for a waiting list. It was announced by Microsoft that “millions” of users on the waiting list will be invited to join in the coming weeks. Meanwhile, the company has introduced a clever new way to jump the queue. Microsoft suggests additional steps on a landing page that, once taken, will grant users instant access to the new Bing. In addition to making Bing the default search engine on their computer, they can also install the app by scanning a QR code.

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